Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka Tasting

Royal Dragon Vodka on snooker tableRoyal-Dragon-Bottle-LidNo one can deny that this bottle of vodka looks stunning. Each bottle is made by hand with a hand made crystal glass dragon inside which makes it very difficult to photograph. Suspended in the vodka is 23 carrot gold leaf that certainly looks impressive. The actual vodka is made in Russia and uses winter harvested rye. This is believed to provide a much cleaner and crisper vodka without the oiliness associated with some less premium vodkas.

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How is Champagne made?

1375105397_the-finest-vineyardChampagne gets its name from the region in north eastern France where all champagne is made. The Champagne valleys were millions of years ago part of a vast ocean. As the many small shelled sea creatures who lived here died they sunk to the bed of the ocean. Over millions of years of this the shells were compressed into chalk. This chalky ground is the perfect environment for growing grapes. The chalk keeps the vine

s moist but absorbs any excess water stopping the routes of the vines from drowning.

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Jack Daniels Sinatra Select


JD Frank SenatraJack Daniels has had many famous people adopt the brand as their own however non have been as famous as Frank Sinatra. To celebrate this Jack Daniels have launched a variant of the Tennessee whiskey dedicated to this wonderful singer. The whiskey has been distilled and aged in a slightly different way to the regular Jack Daniels. It has been made to be as colorful and as bold as Frank himself. Continue reading Jack Daniels Sinatra Select

My first taste of Jameson Whiskey


Jameson Bottle Glass Optix

Recently I was given a bottle of Jameson from our local Pernod Ricard Representative after I told him I had never tried it. He told me to take it home and let him know what I thought. At first I must be honest I wasn’t expecting much. Jameson is a reasonably priced whisky and I was expecting an equally mediocre taste. I am pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Continue reading My first taste of Jameson Whiskey