How is Wine Made

I’d like to say that this is how all wine is made but there is so many different ways to make wine it would take up a whole encyclopaedia. So the method I have listed below is one of the most simplest ways that wine is made.


For a nice fresh grape wine you need to start with, yes you got it, grapes. It is very important to pick the right grapes as this will determine how your wine will taste. The grapes are then crushed into juice. Typicly first press of grape juice will make the most premium wines and subsequent presses will make more affordable wines.

Modern Wine Press
Modern Grape press.

This is usually done using a grape press and nod done by foot as was done hundreds of years ago. The advantage of the presses over foot pressed grapes is firstly more efficient, juice can be squeezed out of the same amount of grapes. This means the cost of the wine drops and so does the time and man power. The second, (which I think is the most important), is that you don’t

Image of Jacob’s Creek oak barrels in maturation storage. 300 dpi CMYK
Image of Jacob’s Creek oak barrels in maturation storage

have someone’s sweaty feet in your wine.

The liquid is then sent to large fermentation tanks where yeast is added.
Like with any fermentation the yeast starts to eat the natural sugars in the wine and leaves behind alcohol. Some wines are fermented in barrels which allows the wine to absorb flavours from the wood.

Selection of Jacob’s Creek Classic wines.
Selection of Jacob’s Creek Classic wines.

After eh wine reaches the right stage it is then bottled and packaged for distribution.

As mentioned this is only one way wine is made and a very basic overview of the prices. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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