Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka Tasting

Royal Dragon Vodka on snooker tableRoyal-Dragon-Bottle-LidNo one can deny that this bottle of vodka looks stunning. Each bottle is made by hand with a hand made crystal glass dragon inside which makes it very difficult to photograph. Suspended in the vodka is 23 carrot gold leaf that certainly looks impressive. The actual vodka is made in Russia and uses winter harvested rye. This is believed to provide a much cleaner and crisper vodka without the oiliness associated with some less premium vodkas.

Rahul-Royal-Dragon-TasteingRoyal-Dragon-Rahul-Formal-Room-Coffe-TableOn the nose you get an initial fragrance that I can only describe as sweet and metallic with notes of blueberry. On the tongue, it’s initially slightly sweeter with a mildly bitter after taste which dies down to leave a warm yet refreshing sensation on the tongue.
In terms of serving suggestions, I recommend serving Royal Dragon Imperial vodka as a sipping vodka. If you want to make a cocktail, I found a shot of Royal Dragon vodka goes well with sparkling grape juice. The red in the grape juice also makes the gold pop and look impressive.



Royal Dragon is priced to retail at around £55 – £60 per 70 cl bottle which puts it a little higher than its main premium rivals Grey Goose, Belvedere and Ciroc. Royal Dragon does however have a slight edge with its iconic design which stands out next to its rivals. Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka is available in sizes 70 cl, 1.5 ltr, 3 ltr and incredibly impressive 6 ltr.



Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka is a brilliant display piece for any bar but if you plan on making cocktails out of it, I would suggest saving a bit of money and buying yourself a bottle of Royal Dragon Elite. The liquid in the Elite bottle is the same as the regular Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka, however it doesn’t have the elaborate crystal dragon or the 23 carrot gold leaf. Despite this, Royal Dragon have managed to make a fantastic bottle that has the dragon printed in gold on the bottle. The Elite retails for between £30 and £35 and is just as eye catching as well as having the added benefit of being easier to photograph.


Buy your Royal Dragon from: The House of Drinks




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