Jack Daniels Sinatra Select


JD Frank SenatraJack Daniels has had many famous people adopt the brand as their own however non have been as famous as Frank Sinatra. To celebrate this Jack Daniels have launched a variant of the Tennessee whiskey dedicated to this wonderful singer. The whiskey has been distilled and aged in a slightly different way to the regular Jack Daniels. It has been made to be as colorful and as bold as Frank himself.

Based on the original Jack Daniels from the 50s this Jack Daniels Sinatra Select is a 45% ABV or 90 proof spirit . If you are a drinker of the regular Jack Daniels expect this one to be a little bolder, oakear and spicier

Stave from Jack Daniels Sinatra Select barrel
Stave from Jack Daniels Sinatra Select barrel

than what you may normally associate with Jack Daniels. these flavors can be attributed to deeper grooves in the stave of a Jack Daniels Sinatra Select barrel which allows the whiskey to absorb more natural flavors from the wood.

JD SenatraSinatra Select is exceptionally smooth to honor the way that Frank himself liked to drink Jack Daniels. With ice and water. It has been blended in my opinion to be the finest sipping whiskey that Jack Daniels have ever created.

Its said that Frank Sinatra was so fond of Jack Danial’s that he took it with him on his private jet when he flew around the world and was laid to rest with a bottle.

Available from: www.thehouseofdrinks.co.uk

By Rahul Mulchandani



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