My first taste of Jameson Whiskey


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Recently I was given a bottle of Jameson from our local Pernod Ricard Representative after I told him I had never tried it. He told me to take it home and let him know what I thought. At first I must be honest I wasn’t expecting much. Jameson is a reasonably priced whisky and I was expecting an equally mediocre taste. I am pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Rahul Mulchandani doing Tasting JamesonI have found that drinking whiskey neat tends to be a little over powering and can lead to more subtle flavours being missed. Equally I have found when tasting over ice spirits tend not to open up and rather than getting layers of flavour you tend to be hit with one strong flavour shot. Due to this I decided to try Jameson with a little bit of water. I poured about 30ml of Jameson with a splash of chilled water to help open up the flavours and separate the layers.

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On the nose, Jameson has a wonderful floral scent with notes of honey and a light spice fragrance. The spices that seemed to stand out the most through the nose are pepper and vanilla. To the taste Jameson is quite a sweet whiskey with a strong honey and vanilla taste. The sweetness dies down and on the finish you are left with a warm lightly smoked oak flavour which lingers for a couple of minutes.

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There are many serving suggestions for Jameson including with mixers such as ginger ale, coca cola or a twist of lime, although I can see how these can compliment Jameson’s sweet and

Jameson Rahul Mulchandani

spicy flavors, my personal opinion is still that this whisky is best served on its own with a splash of water or over a little ice in the summer. Jameson makes a fantastic sipping whiskey and is perfect for nearly every occasion. Available from: The House of Drinks




By Rahul Mulchandani


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