Hammer Head an amazing whisky with an equally amazing story



Take a step back to 1989, over 20 years ago, before the fall of the Berlin Wall that changed the world forever. An old distillery located just outside Pizen, which had been producing high quality pot-still spirits for many years. Now the Czechoslovakian elite decided that they should produce a single malt whisky of ‘unparalleled quality.

With great difficulty they were able to obtain a traditional cast iron hammer mill dating back to 1928 and is the same type found in most traditional Scottish distilleries. They used Czech barley and the clean crisp waters of the Bohemian region. They made their own 100% Czech oak wood cask and made a single malt that is unique to the world.

Then the wall came down and the whisky was forgotten. It lay dormant in the cellars maturing for over 20 years in its unique casks until it was recently discovered.

You can now purchase something that was once reserved for only the elite few.

In order to honour the hard work the new owners of the distillery have named the whisky Hammer Head after the old noisy mill.

This malt is rare and exquisite, definitely one to try and add to your collection,  a brilliant conversation piece at any high end dinner party, social gathering or a perfect gift for that important Japanese client.

Hammer Head is available form The House of Drinks.




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