Absolut Elyx

Absolut-Elyx-Bottle-ShotThere are many super premium vodkas out there all claiming to be the the best craft vodka or the most premium. What really makes a vodka craft or super premium? Today I will be trying the new Absolut Elyx to find out.

We all know the brand Absolut and have for many years associated it with good high quality mixing vodka but never really put it into the super premium category. Absolut is trying to change that with a new super premium variant Absolut Elyx. Johan Lindeberg the Global Creative Director for Absolut has been quoted as saying, “It’s no longer about portraying an image through excess and logos. Modern day Luxury is all about integrity.” This is a refreshing outlook from a category that has traditionally been associated with excess drinking and big branded vodkas watered down or mixed to hide their tastes. Continue reading Absolut Elyx

Haig Club Tasting

Haig Club

A whisky brought to you by David Beckham and Simon Fuller working along side Diageo present Haig Club. Although I don’t quite know how that works since David Beckham doesn’t actually drink. Well putting that to one side for the moment, Haig Club is a sweet single grain Scotch whisky that comes from Camorenbridge Distillery the oldest grain distillery in Scotland. This whisky is certainly different, not only because of its unique taste but because of its main market. Continue reading Haig Club Tasting

How is Wine Made

I’d like to say that this is how all wine is made but there is so many different ways to make wine it would take up a whole encyclopaedia. So the method I have listed below is one of the most simplest ways that wine is made.


For a nice fresh grape wine you need to start with, yes you got it, grapes. It is very important to pick the right grapes as this will determine how your wine will taste. The grapes are then crushed into juice. Typicly first press of grape juice will make the most premium wines and subsequent presses will make more affordable wines. Continue reading How is Wine Made

London Wine Fair 2014

London Wine fair 2014I am excited to say that tomorrow I will be at the London Wine fair at the Olympia. Last year there was a turn out of over 10,000 people with wines from every corner of the globe. This year is no exception with visitor estimates expected to exceed last years figures. Keep an eye for my updates.